Our organization system includes a contact with customers in order to update programme changes at any time.
The management system in connected to all other departments and this allows the production department to get variations in real time, passing through the Product Quality Assurance (PQA) in order to ensure compliance with customers quality requirements.

Our strenght undoubtedly lies in the quality of our products. Investments in innovation of productions processes, together with constant research and careful selection of raw materials allow us to provide self-certified supplies that meet the quality targets required by our customers.


We always cooperate with our suppliers synergistically. In this way we are able to implement important quality controls:

• Dynamometric tests in order to monitor the mechanical seal of the glueing between ABS and wooden parts constantly.

• Test on the paints, in particular crosslinking tests for durability and resistance of the surfaces against corrosive agents(solvents, gasoline, etc . . .)

Before being shipped, every single item undergoes a comprehensive and accurate esthetical, mechanical, dimensional and statistical test.
The final inspection is performed following the customer’s required specifications.