Our coating department counts on last-generation facilities. These are equipped with pressuring modules, assuring that the absolute absence of environmental contamination is maintained at all times.


Varnish is prepared using an electronic mixer, which guarantees absolute homogeneity and total respect at the time of formulation. It is important to note that, high and low pressure mixer can use any kind of varnish.


The 5 dispensing guns are fitted onto a mechanical arm that is electronically controlled. This delivers excellent products in terms of steadiness of precision spraying movements; the spraying process is carried out following the 3 Cartesian axes (x, y, z), in order to obtain a crossed-coating, which allows to eliminate undesired effects such as shaded or uneven parts. Our coating process allows us to to varnish not only components for appliances, but also many plane surfaces like kitchen, cabinet doors or glass sheets, just to mention some of the possible applications.

Tile effect roofing sheets

We also offer our coating experience to the construction industry. With our systems, we can varnish roofing sheets with an antique effect, with UV long-lasting varnish, which is resistant to low and high temperatures, to sun, rain and ice. The antique effect is carried out with pairs of different colours, according to its use and destination.


We offer solutions and colours in line with the client’s requests and market trend. Our flexibility allow us to varnish every kind of product with polyurethane, both for small and large batches.