Lightness for your footwear

The unstopping research of ideas, materials and innovative processes, have given life to a new chain in Chiaramarini Amleto & C., a new way of cooperating with our clients, who become our partners, creating a mix of ideas for products that are born through a new way of thinking and designing in the footwear world.

This is why Chiaramarini have taken the first steps and are emerging as a company that produces soles, footwear products and PU products for the automotive and industrial industry, becoming a reference in the national and international market.

Our experience in the high-end industry has allowed us to creating, from the first moments, the right osmosis in order to transmit those fundamental elements for our successful partners and in order to being able to suggest winning ideas, anticipating trends and cooperating with our clients into the development of successful projects.

Working with Chiaramarini means complying with three simple and fundamental visions in the production of footwear soles:

certified quality products, liability, punctuality in the delivery and monitoring for every single piece of product.

Chiaramarini has the ambition of becoming a leader in the production of PU, PU/TPU footwear soles, in the production of vacuum fussbetts, both in regards to the comfort, and in regards with the quality of every single pair of soles that we produce on behalf of our clients, besides with our partners from design stage up to printing stage. Last but not least, we always keep our clients updated on the latest news about innovative and sustainable materials for every kind of shoe supplies.
The footwear soles that are created by Chiaramarini result comfortable, light, resistant and efficient. They are printed with light, flexible and resistant material, ensuring a comfort without stress for feet and back.

For this reason, our production of footwear soles is focused on a wide range of products that are elaborated in order to create, in total synergy with our clients, bespoke and exclusive products. We always push for an obsessive research of the best materials, also thanks to our main international suppliers of raw materials.

Moreover, our continuous cooperation with the main suppliers of raw materials like BAF, ELACHEM and COIM, allow us to always being a step ahead, compared to the market requirements in the world of the last generation materials. In this way, we are able to satisfy the various demands of our clients, becoming the best innovative and versatile partner for every kind of footwear.


Supersoft footwear soles are the exclusive result of the continuous research of sustainable and last generation materials by Chiaramarini. The extreme softness of our PU and PU/TPU soles is determined by a special composition, which makes them lighter than a normal sole. Our PU Supersoft soles are ideal for sandals, sneakers and comfort shoes and they are the perfect ingredient for unique and innovative footwear.

The PU Supersoft footwear soles are created with a special formula, elaborated by our main suppliers. We always cooperate with them in order to obtain innovative materials that ensure grip and good resistance. These new materials maintain the same PU SUPERSOFT characteristics, while adding lightness, duration, cushioning effect, flexibility that improve the soles effectiveness significantly.


In line with the European laws for safety, protection and professional footwear, Chiaramarini can print soles in a flexible and double-density resistant material, which ensures the perfect hold for the footwear in difficult work or environmental conditions: it is resistant to oils, it is antistatic, no-slip and ensures a good grip.

PU/TPU SOLES and PU/with PRINTED FILM (anti-aging UV)

PU/TPU SOLES and PU/with PRINTED FILM (anti-aging UV)
After a scrupulous research, Chiaramarini wants to partner up for the printing of PU/TPU and PU with TPU FILM soles, achieving a great and unimagined target: PU and TPU FILM soles are the qualitative and excellence result of a constant research by our technicians, in the field of innovative and high-end soles. Thanks to last-generation and advanced-technology printing machines, which use the synergy between the machine and vacuum printings that are covered by a patent and a last generation pricing process, Chiaramarini has obtained footwear soles and finished products of different types of PU/with TPU FILM, which satisfy the several demands of our clients.


Thanks to investments in machines and last generation printings, Chiaramarini, is able to print leather fussbetts, TPU films and synthetic materials with the so called VACUUM INJECTED technology.We are able to print leather vacuum fussbetts and with TPU films that are printed with PU in any density, creating high quality fussbetts, avoiding defects or bending of the vacuum leather.Our quality in the vacuum fussbett printing makes Chiaramarini a leading company in the high-end industry for this product, while ensuring with our reliability, on-time deliveries and perfectly finished products with no defects.Moreover, the production of removable footwear fussbetts makes us a leading company in this kind of printing, with a strong daily production for this range of products.