We have been working in the electronic components industry since 1976,

We have been operating in this industry since 1976, dealing mainly with the production and coating of top surfaces and ledges for washing machines and dishwashers. Experience, quality, reliability, competence and flexibility in production and delivery: this is what allowed us to become a reliable partner for important groups from Italy and abroad. Our flexibility at production stage allows us to accommodate last-minute requests, also for geographically distant clients.


Persistent focus on quality and innovation is one of our strengths and this allows us to accommodate the most exigent requests. In order to have a more efficient production cycle, we have specialised in delivering specific types of coating for any kind of requirements from the client: we carry out a solvent-based and water-based coating process, which also has a low environmental impact, in accordance with CEE. directives.

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A quick chat with CEO & Founder Pietro Chiaramarini

How long have you been dealing with coating?
We have been doing it for about 40 years with several systems. We have been using the current system since 2010.

What makes your coating system different than the other ones?
It is a last-generation system that was developed in order to use as little as possible human contribution. Every step takes place in heated and pressurised environments, with the objective to assure a perfect, smooth coating finish, while eliminating dust. Electronic mixing ensures coating parameters are stable, which is a significant element for a final quality.

Can I choose the exact colour tone with the guarantee that this will be used on every single piece? Yes, absolutely. Moreover, coating dosage is electronically controlled and there is no human influence.

Based on the size of the pieces, how many can you produce in a day?
This is such fluctuant data and any number could lead to an incorrect valuation.

Do you carry out technical testing on your product? If so, what type of testing?
We do carry out a thorough, meticulous technical testing process. Firstly, we check the thickness of the applied coating taking measurements in microns. Secondly, we test reticulation. This allows us to ascertain coating resistance on the piece and under solicitations.

What is the company’s mission?
Our mission is to offer our 40 years of experience in the field, in order to provide tailored solutions to different problems or requirements.